“Hood Prophets ( A Portrait) ”
short film. 

Alexa Mini LF 
Bolex H16 

Director: Anthony Jamari Thomas 
DP: Ben Hype
2nd DP: Raheem Stanley 
Color: Alex Jimenez 
Drone Operation: Andrew Espinoza 
Sound Design: Trevor Rivkin

'Hood Prophets’ is an intimate portrait of first generation, West African creatives Modibo ‘Minx$’ Sy and Mamadou ‘Dusse’ Doumbouya.

An excerpt that profiles their heritage, practice of their Islamic faith and the Harlem community that continues to serve as the backdrop of their pursuit to sow change, love and service to others.

Although presented conceptually, the film grounds itself in the truth, that love is a language spoken and harbored by many, peace as a virtue of intention and the concept of community, as a well for replenishment as well as reflection.

available  now on Vimeo

tisha’s son. all rights reserved. 2021.