digital scan (light abhorration) 

As a child, I remember seeing troves of palm and beautiful black women in full, crisp white usher uniforms ready to gather in front of our church every Pentecostal Sunday.

Once home, I watched my aunt take the palm and create beautifully detailed crosses, which would end up between Bibles where the night caught her studying a bit late, resting on dinner tables or hanging from our rear view mirror.

In these images, I  wanted to give the object a bit of volume with gesture; attempting to illustrate the tension and movement in completing this ritual, while troubling the mechanized light of the scanner. Spending time with these reminded me of the craftsmanship possible when driven by love, more times than not: unconditional.

press and scanning of one of the remaining palm crosses, my aunt wove relentlessly during her days with us.

tisha’s son. all rights reserved. 2021.