b. 1990 

My work presents an interest in  mythology, absence and archiving as a means to politically engage with one’s past.

I am informed by my academic background in theatre and the concept of ‘staging’ as my  ideas permeate through photography, text, moving image and movement.

In recent works, I have begun to utilize my  body as a tool to explore how concepts such as: endurance, potentiality and surveillance  funcrion within the history of the western black experience.

Anthony Jamari Thomas (b.1990) received his Bachelor's degree from John Jay College, New York NY (2012). Thomas's graduating thesis examined the interplay between metaphysics and philosophy in the work of artist: William Blake, leading to a brief stint in studio art and ultimately, full-time practice. Thomas employs varying disciplines to examine the relationship between cultural performance, memory and identity. Since his debut, Thomas has exhibited with several spaces throughout New York including: Art In Flux Harlem (2013, 2014), El Museo del Barrio (2014), No Longer Empty (2014) Galerie Protege (2015), BronxArtSpace (2017) and National Black Theatre which acquired Trayvon's Cross (2014) for their permanent collection (2017). His work has also been featured in Barbed, Highsnobiety and recently, Forbes Magazine.


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