“This Fragmented Stream of Consciousness” 
35mm - 120mm. format series.  

‘america as a form of material 
hot coal, mines of limbs, mine(s) and yours
the black american life as an idiom for balance
the america you have in your pocket, 
versus the america in my eye
I still need those  blue jeans, though. 
“America who am I, if I don’t have you”

This series is a collection of photos captured and selected by myself and author: Malik Kirkwood (The Black Market) included in  his inaugural graphic novel: “This Fragmented Stream of Consciousness”. The photos were heavily inspired by Langston Hughes/Roy DeCarava’s work: “The Sweet Flypaper of Life” as I imagined capturing ‘american life” its complexities, deepness and weight. I wanted to make pictures as “graceful and troubling” as the american flag,  foreshadowing a sense of anxiety,  dread and joy.

tisha’s son. all rights reserved. 2021.