short film. 

Bolex H16 

Director: Anthony Jamari Thomas 
DP: Raheem Stanley 
Color: Alex Jimenez 
Score: Bako Seville 

'‘IDYLLIC’ is an experimental vignette that attempts to mediate the relationship between birth and war. Additionally, the film tackles the conversation of duality, using motherhood as an anchor to illustrate the growth and the imminent phases of life we sort through - constantly seeking the self that once lived in the womb.

The film expresses a deep affection for the 1950’s post-war movement: Gutai Group (Japan) and interest in Zen Buddhism. A distinctive element of the group’s manifesto was their focus on merging movement, replication and material; often presenting performances informed by repetitive gesture.

Overall, we wanted this work to feel like theater: something staged but honest; troubling yet comforting, resulting in something collaboratively offbeat.

available  now on Vimeo

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