“LAMB”  /  fnan ysahak (featured).
Publisher: Paradigm Publishing
pictorial monograph.

LAMB explores  obsessions with our current political climate’s representation of the migrant body.

“....an examination of sacrifice, profiling six figures who continue to live their ancestral history through experiences and chronicles of migration.  Over the years, I have seen loved and known ones, as well as those new in connection express how much their families have surrendered, to lend hope to their present and forge a future. Interestingly, these conversations led to an exploration into martyrdom, legacy and preservation”

This publication is dedicated to anyone who has left their home out of curiosity about the world, or pursuing spiritual discovery but perhaps even more so, to those who are displaced and forced to seek refuge: barred from having a place to call “home”.

shot on Iford HP5 film.

Exclusively released with Agnés B. (Paris/New York)

available here. (sold out)

tisha’s son. all rights reserved. 2021.